Five Benefits Of Lower Body Training

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Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson

Many people neglect their lower body when training in the gym, but there are a number of benefits to your life from training this area of your body consistently.

When you step into the gym and start training for the first time, it is likely that you will start training your upper body first. You may start doing bicep curls, rows or even ab crunches. However, you may not realise that there is arguably an even more important muscle group for you to train.

The lower body is essential to your physical health. It is what holds your body up and acts like the base of a statue. Yet many people are not strong in this area and often have issues that result from it, such as pain, instability and imbalance. Once you do start training, a good programme will provide you with good leg exercises to perform repeatedly and consistently.

So, why do you need to train the lower body? Why is it so important to your progress and overall health?

More Strength, Balance and Stability

One of the biggest benefits will notice from resistance training is an increase in strength, both in your muscles and bones. Many people start with limited experience, flexibility, balance, and coordination, so it is important to focus on improving technique and mind-muscle connection before moving onto heavier, free-weight exercises, which can be achieved through using machines or practicing with your own bodyweight.

The more consistent you are with your training, the more your body will adapt and build up strength, especially if you gradually increase the weight at which you are lifting. An increase in strength will then have a massive impact on your daily life, with physical tasks becoming more manageable, pain and aching being reduced, a lower risk of injury, and a decreased chance of developing osteoporosis in your bones, which can be common as you get older.

More Self-Confidence

One of the biggest benefits of consistently doing resistance training is from a psychological perspective, in that your self-confidence will improve hugely. This is because you not only enjoy the routine of training, but over time you start to notice the plethora of benefits that come from lifting weights, such as more strength, loss of body fat, increase in muscle tissue, more flexibility, higher energy levels, better posture and a better relationship with food.

This will naturally improve your self-confidence and make you feel a whole lot better about your body. This then leads to a happier, more fulfilled life, better relationships with people, more positive thoughts, and perhaps even a willingness to try other things that you were too shy to do before. More self-confidence can be a life-changing benefit from resistance training.

Less Back Pain

A big reason why people suffer from back pain, aside from poor posture, is because they are not strong enough in the legs. The quads, glutes and hamstrings are three huge muscle groups and if they are not trained and built, stress is placed away from there and onto your lower back. So, by strengthening these key muscles you will have more support for your back, which will alleviate stress and pain from this area.

Better Performance

If you are someone who plays sports or has a physically active job, a stronger lower body is going to improve your overall performance. This is because you will have a better base for your body, meaning more power, balance, and resistance to injuries. You will be able to carry heavier loads without strain on your back when working and hold off opposition players in physically demanding sports, such as rugby and football. So, if you are someone who lives a life based on physical performance, you will find major improvements in yourself due to having a stronger lower body.

Healthier Lifestyle

A stronger lower body will also improve the quality of your life. As you get older, your bones become more susceptible to diseases such as osteoporosis. So, by making them stronger, you will be able to live pain-free for longer and give your body a better overall structure. Less time seeing specialists for continued pain means a better lifestyle for anyone. So, if you are concerned about your overall physical health, building muscle and strength in your lower body is one of the best things you can do.


So, if you have not trained your lower body yet, there are so many benefits from you doing so. These include more balance and stability, more self-confidence, less back pain, better performance, and a better quality of life. Once you experience these benefits, you will appreciate how much it changes your life for the better and makes you a stronger, healthier person.

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