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Private, Results-Based Personal Training

Guiding you to your fitness goals with professional Personal Training from a high-quality, private 1-2-1 studio in the centre of Newbury, Berkshire. With the best private equipment and coaching in the area, the studio is perfect for those looking to lose weight, drop body fat, and add muscle away from the commercial gym environment.

Lean In 90 Coaching Programme

A three-month (90 day) online coaching package, where I guide you to your goal of losing body fat, adding muscle and getting in the shape of your life. You receive a personalised training plan, personalised diet plan, access to exercise and lifestyle video libraries, regular support and adjustments, community coaching via a private Facebook group, and a video call every two weeks to help you along your journey.

Free Fat Loss Framework

Learn everything about how to lose body fat so that you can get in the best shape of your life.

Unsure about where to start for fat loss? Worry no more! The Fat Loss Framework has been developed for you to follow and refer to during your journey so that you can make great progress.

This simple, structured, detailed and completely free document will provide you with clarity, knowledge and motivation so that you can get into the best shape of your life.

Just fill in your name and email address to download your free copy!

Free Full Body Workout

A free resistance training workout, one for the gym and one for at home, to get you started with your fitness goals.

Unsure about what exercises to start with for your fitness journey? Below is a free full-body workout for you to try, one for the gym and one for at home, so that you can have structure, enjoy exercise and make great progress. This is a simple, enjoyable workout that targets multiple areas of your body and caters for your favoured training environment.

The free full-body workout will give you something to start with as you begin your goal of getting in shape. It will allow you to understand more about resistance training and the hugely positive effects that it can have on your body and your life.

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Sean Wilson
Newbury, West Berkshire, United Kingdom

Free Fat Loss Framework

Learn everything about how to lose body fat with a simple, structured and informative document.