Five Ways To Avoid Binge Eating

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Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson

Binge eating is often a big problem for people on their fat loss journey, so how can you prevent it, so that you don't affect your progress?

Nutrition is often a problem area for many people. As the saying goes, you can’t out-train a bad diet, and if you are training well but not backing that up with the right nutrition, you will not see progress.

One of the issues you may have or will come across is binging. This is simply going out of control when you consume a certain high-calorie food group or drink, leading to you going over your calorie intake and your progress stagnating. This can be a very frustrating barrier that is difficult to overcome.

So, how can you change this? Here are some simple strategies that you can adopt to avoid binging and make progress with your fat loss goals.

Remind Yourself Of Your Goal

For you to avoid binging and stick to the plan, you must have a deep, emotional goal that inspires you during your journey. There will be days when you are tired and very tempted to avoid the foods required to reach your target, and this is often when you can fall off track. So, find out your ‘why’, and remind yourself of it anytime you come across a potential binge.

Low Calorie, High Volume Foods

One of the best ways of enjoying and sticking to a diet, long-term is to consume foods that are high in volume, will fill you up whilst not drastically taking you over your calorie intake. This will keep you more satisfied which in turn helps avoid cravings for other, high-calorie foods. Great options include lean protein, vegetables and foods that are high in fibre.

Plan Your Meals

Planning is vital is many areas of fat loss and life in general, avoiding the binge is no different. If you don’t have a strategy of what you are going to consume for the day and even the week, you will be more tempted by foods that are higher in calories, lower in nutrients and take you off track. Once you have a structure that works and you can follow, you then have clarity and less temptation.

Supportive Environments

One of the big problems people face is trying to please their friends and general environment. You may enter the fat loss process with good intentions, but often end up being swayed by others pushing you to consume or do things that will take you away from your plan. So, make sure people are aware of what you are trying to achieve and put yourself in an environment that supports your fat loss goals.

Remove Temptations

A very quick and easy way of avoiding binging is removing certain foods from your environment. If that food group is sitting in the fridge and wardrobe without being eaten by anyone else, you are more tempted to go for it, the more you see it. So, if you feel that you don’t have any control, avoid purchasing them or let others know that you don’t want that particular food group. If it is not in your surroundings, you are less likely to binge on it.


So, if you are struggling with staying under control with certain food or liquid groups, there are strategies that can help you. These include, reminding yourself of your goal, consuming low calorie, filling foods, planning your meals, being in supportive environments and removing temptations from your environment. Implementing these methods will be crucial for avoiding any binge that will take you over your calorie intake and therefore affecting your progress.

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