How Improving Your Environment Can Boost Your Progress

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Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson

Many people struggle to make progress because they are staying in their comfort zone. So, how can seeking better environments have a positive impact on your journey?

There are many components that go into getting in the shape of your life. Yet, arguably the most important of all is your mindset. If you do not improve in this area, it is very important for your body to follow.

Building a stronger mindset for great results comes down to several things, but one of the most underrated is the environment around you. It can be the determining factor behind you reaching your goals and giving up on the process altogether. It is vital that, on your fat loss journey, you place yourself in environments that are going to move you forward and not stagnate you.

So, why is this so important? How can your environment have a positive impact on your body shape?


Although there are several strategies for getting in shape and succeeding in life, but sometimes you need to nail the basics. One of those basics is your energy – how much you have, how much you are giving off and the type of energy that is being released. When you work on your own and don’t surround yourself with positive environments, it can be very easy for your energy levels to drain. However, flipping that around and surrounding yourself with those with high energy will encourage you to raise yours, which will then transfer into your training and how much effort you put into your goals.


Are you surrounding yourself with those who are moving forward in their career and life? If you are not, you will struggle to know what is possible. If you are in the early stage of your fat loss journey, it is vital that you learn from those who have achieved a great body shape by spending time with them and asking as many questions as you can. That way, you can learn new tips and strategies to propel you forward towards your goals.

Pushes You For More

Who is pushing you to be better? It can be very easy to stay in your own bubble and work at your own pace, but to achieve more, you have to do more and you are not going to achieve this by going at it alone. Hire a coach, go and train with different people, move to different settings – all of these actions are going to open your eyes over how hard you can work and how much more you can achieve with your body shape.


A vital part of getting in shape is enjoying the process. It makes things sustainable and more of a lifestyle choice than something you think of as a punishment. However, being on your own or around negative people can drag your enjoyment down as well as your energy, which can have a detrimental impact on your progress. So, by spending time with inspiring people, you can enjoy your journey a lot more and keep moving forward.


Finally, a positive environment can help you establish clarity in your mind. Very often, the reason you don’t get things done is that you are not clear about what you want to achieve, and it is not inspiring enough to focus you on that particular goal. People who are successful or moving forward have clarity and don’t let other things distract them from their targets. So, speaking and networking with people can help you with this and give you guidance when it comes to the psychological side of getting in shape.


So, if you are struggling to make progress with your body shape, it could well be because you are not placing yourself in positive environments that will encourage you to grow. Changing this will provide you with a number of benefits, including giving you more energy, helping you become more progression-focused, being pushed for more, having more enjoyment of the process, and having clarity with what you want to achieve, which will reduce procrastination.

Staying in your comfort zone is easy, but putting yourself in a more challenging environment will boost your progress, not just in terms of your body shape, but also in becoming a well-rounded individual.

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