How To Boost Your Training Performance

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Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson

Training is something that can become comfortable over time if you allow it. So, how can you boost your performance to get great results?

Resistance training is one of the key components to fat loss and building a better body shape. Two to four sessions per week provides the perfect stimulus for muscle growth in the body, which is then matched by good nutrition.

However, you are likely to reach a stage when your training may have become stagnant and you don’t feel as if you are progressing. This can have a negative effect on your goals and overall mood, as we all feel like we want to progress.

So, how can you change this? How can you boost your training performance so that you achieve great results in the future?

Quality Nutrition

A huge part of boosting your performance is nutrition. This is vital, not only in achieving your goals, but also in fuelling your workouts and remaining full of energy throughout the day. It is vital that you have a diet that features a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and, to a lesser extent, fats to support you throughout your journey, both physically and mentally.

Have An Inspiring Goal

For you to build habits and stick to the plan, you must have a deep, emotional goal that inspires you during your journey. There will be days when you are tired and not motivated to do the tasks required to reach your target, and this is often when you can fall off track. So, find out your ‘why’ and link each important habit to that.

Push Yourself

It is very important when you are training that your push yourself and ensure that your sessions are intense. You will be surprised what you are actually capable of, and squeezing out that last rep or lifting slightly heavier will ensure that you are stronger and fitter over time.

Hire A Coach

If you are looking to accelerate your progress, you may find it hard to go at it alone. hiring a coach, mentor or someone you know to regularly support you is going to be key, especially during the times when you are down and not inspired to train. A good coach will push you during your workouts and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you are progressing each week.

Prioritise Recovery

Recovery is going to be one of the most important areas when it comes to boosting your performance. Adequate recovery involves seven to nine hours of sleep per night, two to four rest days per week, and quality nutrition to repair the body after an intense training session. If you do not prioritise your recovery, you will find the process harder, struggle to stay consistent, and therefore slow down your rate of progress. The process of getting in shape must be sustainable, so consistent recovery is going to be key.


So, if you want to boost your training performance, there are certain things you should look to prioritise. These include fuelling your body with quality nutrition, having an inspiring goal, pushing yourself, hiring a coach and ensuring you have good recovery.

All of these areas will help you level up your training, which will be key in building a better physique over a long period of time.

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