How To Build A Stronger Mindset For Fat Loss

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Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson

Changing your body shape is not just about the physical changes you make, a huge part of it is also developing a stronger mindset. Here is how.

During your journey to lose fat and change your body shape, you may be focused on the physical demands that you will have to go through. And it’s true, there will be several challenges that you will physically place on your body.

However, there is a saying in the fitness industry that ninety per cent of weight loss and/or fat loss issues are personal development problems. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as saying, ‘here is your training and nutrition, off you go’ – a huge part of changing your body shape comes from changing your mind also.

You must develop a mindset that is conducive to a progressing body shape because, in the end, it is your mind that dictates your actions. So, how do you achieve this? What are some of the best ways of building a stronger mindset to achieve a better body shape?

Have An Inspiring Goal

For you to build habits and stick to the plan, you must have a deep, emotional goal that inspires you during your journey. There will be days when you are tired and not motivated to do the tasks required to reach your target, and this is often when you can fall off track. So, find out your deep, emotional ‘why’ and link each important task to the end goal. You may not be inspired by the tasks, but you should be inspired by the end goal.

Until you understand the value of each task and how it relates to a goal that lights you up, you will always struggle for motivation and consistency. So, take some time to write this down and remind yourself before your you start because, further down the line when you may have a wobble, this is what will keep you going.

Take Responsibility

It can be very easy to blame other people or things when things are not going your way. Most often, people like to point toward a lack of time, too much stress, and not having the right support to achieve their goal. Yet the reality is that we all start with equal opportunities, and you can do anything if you put your mind to it, but it comes down to taking responsibility and then action. Of course, seeking guidance is important and will accelerate the process, but changes don’t happen until you change your mindset from fixed to growth and make getting in shape a priority.

Have Clarity On The Goal And Process

What do you want to achieve? It sounds like a very simple question but many people enter their journey without clear targets set ahead of them. Instead of just wanting to lose fat, how much do you want to lose? What is your target weight? How do you want to feel further down the line? Is there an event you want to look good for? The clearer you are, the more inspired you will be, and the more accurate you can make your plan, based on your goals.

Practice Gratitude

Are you grateful for what you have? It may seem like a strange thing to ask when talking about fat loss but to have a positive, growing mind that is lower in stress levels, gratitude is an important thing to practice. How much you do depends on what works for you, but some of any form can help you in your personal development.

Not only does gratitude reduce stress levels, it also encourages happiness and growth, which are two vital mindset traits for progress with your body shape. Someone who is not grateful or happy is less likely to push to go for more than someone who is positive and develops a growth mindset. So, this simple practice can improve your outlook on life.

Enjoy The Process

Getting in shape is challenging, not many people will deny that, but it is also an incredibly rewarding experience for your life. You start to feel stronger, happier, more confident, more energetic, and more productive, as well as others, when you put in the consistent work week in, week out. It should also make you realise how bad things were before you started when you make improvements to your body shape and life.

Once you start to enjoy these experiences, the more consistent you will be. Your training sessions will be tough, sticking to your nutrition will be tricky at times, having good sleep and recovery is not always easy, but embrace the challenge and start to enjoy making progress in a number of areas through hard work and consistency.


So, the bottom line is that to achieve a better body shape, you must develop a better mindset along with that. Some great ways to achieve this include having an inspiring goal, taking responsibility, having clarity, practicing gratitude, and enjoying the process.

Once you start to work on these habits, you will find that your determination and consistency improve, which is ultimately the driving force behind you achieving a body you never thought was possible.

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