How To Make Your Diet More Enjoyable

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Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson

A big reason why people fall off their diet is that it is not enjoyable. So, what can you do to change this?

Nutrition is one of the big areas people struggle with. While you may show up to your training sessions and be more active throughout the day, if you do not combine this with the correct diet plan, you will not make progress. As the saying goes, you can’t out-train a bad diet.

One of the big reasons why people can’t stay on track with their nutrition is because it is not enjoyable. They restrict themselves far too much and end up giving up on the process because it made them miserable.

So, how do we avoid this? How can you ensure that your diet is enjoyable and therefore sustainable?


For your meals to be enjoyable, there must be flavour. While some people do enjoy eating bland foods, most prefer there to be plenty added in to improve their experience of the meal. So, there is no reason why you can’t add seasonings, such as salt, petter and others, to your food to improve the flavour. Seasonings have very few calories, so adding them in will not increase the chances of you going over your calorie intake.

Avoid Undereating

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight and body fat is drastically reducing their calorie intake and starving themselves. Not only does this have a negative effect on your progress due to low energy levels, a stagnant metabolism and fewer vital nutrients for your muscles, but the process will be extremely unenjoyable. So, make sure you are eating the right number of calories and providing yourself with great fuel for your sessions.

Including Foods You Enjoy

Many people fall into the trap of believing that you have to eliminate foods you enjoy to get in shape. As a result, they consume bland, boring foods and complain about the process becoming hard to follow. The reality is that you can include foods you like, but the key is to have them with control. If those foods are lower-calorie and more nutrient-dense, this should form a large part of your diet. Other foods can still be included but must be tracked and consumed in moderation.

Allowing Yourself A Meal Out

It is important that you have variety in your diet so that the process does not become repetitive (if this concerns you). While home-cooked foods are easier to track and should take up most of your week, they should not dominate. So, allow yourself to go out for a meal and socialise with friends or family. Again, just make sure that you plan well for the event, be aware of the foods you are consuming and enjoy yourself with control.

Filling, Low-Calorie Foods

One of the best ways of enjoying and sticking to a diet, long-term is to consume foods that are high in volume, will fill you up whilst not drastically taking you over your calorie intake. This will keep you more satisfied which in turn helps avoid cravings for other, high-calorie foods. Great options include lean protein, vegetables and foods that are high in fibre.


So, prior to contrary belief, your do not have to endure a bland, boring diet for you to get in shape. Enjoying your food is crucial for long-term consistency and you can do this through seasonings, avoidng undereating, including foods you enjoy, allowing yourself a meal out, and consuming filling, low-calorie foods.

Once you start to integrate these into your diet and make it more enjoyable, you will find it much easier to stay consistent and make great progress.

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