How To Overcome Your Fear of The Gym

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Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson

Many people struggle to get started due to fear and anxiety of being in the gym. So, how can you overcome this and start making progress?

One of the big issues people face when trying to lose body fat is, in fact, getting started. It is a lack of belief, fear of the unknown and anxiety about being in a gym environment. This can often lead to slow progress, if any at all.

So, to succeed with fat loss or any other goal, you must overcome the fear of being in a gym or lifting environment. Until this mental barrier is broken you will struggle to be more confident, make improvements and keep striding towards the result that you want.

So how can you do this? What strategies can help you overcome your fear of the gym?

Have An Inspiring Goal

Before you start, you must have a deep, emotional goal that inspires you during your journey. There will be days when you are tired and not motivated to do the tasks required to reach your target, and this is often when you can fall off track. So, find out your ‘why’ and link each important habit to that.

Focus On Your Session

A great way of overcoming your gym fear is to zone in on your session and what you want to achieve. Ultimately, you are training to improve your body shape and health, so you must focus on that, and nothing else. Of course, you can speak to people if you want to, but the sooner you care less about others and focus on you, the more comfortable you will feel in the gym environment.

Realise That Others Care About Their Own Journey

Perception is vital in many walks of life, and how you perceive the gym environment will be a big determining factor in your experience. You may perceive that others are watching and judging you all the time, but the reality is that, while they may glance at you when you first walk in, all they care about is their own journey and goal – this is why people go to the gym, not to stare at other people.

Follow A Plan

Many people become intimidated by the gym because they simply don’t know what to do when it comes to lifting weights. As a result, you can look confused and overwhelmed, which will only heighten your anxiety. So, make sure you are following a structured, realistic and effective plan for you and your goals. The sooner you get used to the plan, the more comfortable you will feel in the gym environment.

Work With A Coach

Entering the gym on your own may not be the best move for you, especially if you are inexperienced and nervous. So, working with a coach is one of the best ways to calm your mind and build confidence. A good coach will work with where you are at right now and slowly build things up over time. Having someone beside you, helping you and guiding you will quickly ensure that you overcome that gym fear.


So, while entering the gym with barely any confidence or experience can be intimidating, there are ways in which you can work around it. These include having an inspiring goal, focusing on your own session, realising that others care about their own journey, following a plan and working with a coach. Implementing these strategies will help boost your confidence and overcome that anxiety of the gym that can so often hold you back.

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