The Benefits Of Linking Fat Loss To Your Highest Values

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Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson

Staying motivated and inspired is a common issue people face on their fat loss journey. So, how can linking the goal to your highest values help with that?

During the process of losing body fat, many people focus on the physical work required achieve a specific goal. And while this undoubtedly a crucial part, it is not the only area you have to master.

Psychology is ultimately what will drive you to make the physical actions to get the result, and if that is not right, you will have problems staying consistent during your journey. So, you must find ways of keeping your mindset strong.

How can you do this? One big way is by linking your goal and tasks to your highest values. These are the things you value most in life, such as your family, career or relationships, for example. So, how does this method help you achieve great results?

Gets You Started

Having an inspiring goal and linking it what to what you value most in life should be established well before your journey begins. While motivation may be high in the initial stages, you can increase it even more by knowing what is really driving you to get in shape. The same also goes with having a plan – you must know the destination you are aiming to reach.

Keeps You Going Through Tough Periods

During your journey, it is very likely that you will go through periods of low motivation. The first thing to understand is that this is normal, but you must have ways of coming through them. Linking your training, nutrition and daily habits to your highest values will keep you inspired, maintain the urgency and ensure that you keep showing up to do what is required to reach your goal.

Maintains Consistency

When it comes to fat loss, consistency is one of the most important attributes to have, yet it is not something that is achieved overnight. To be consistent, you must do the required tasks, even when you don’t feel like doing them. So, when you are not motivated or inspired, keep linking the tasks to why you really want to get in shape and you will find that consistency improves as a result.

Helps Change Habits

Habits are another crucial part of the process. Even if you are consistently training well, if you don’t back it up with the right actions away from the gym, you won’t progress. There will be plenty of temptations along the way, and while it’s important to have a balance and enjoy yourself, you must form good habits along the way. Linking these habits to the end goal and how it will impact our life while help you build a strong day-to-day routine.

Makes The End result More Satisfying

Going back to the earlier point, your initial goal should be so inspiring that it lights you up and nothing gets in your way. Fast forward all the way to the end when you reach your goal, the feeling of being in shape should be great enough, but also how it improves your life should be phenomenal. Linking the goal to your highest values will give you immense satisfaction when you get there, and that makes the hard work, consistency and routine all worth it.


So, if you want to achieve great fat loss progress, linking your tasks to your highest values will be a crucial factor. This is because if will get you started, keep you going through the tough periods, help maintain consistency, help change habits and make the end result more satisfying. If you can maintain this linking process throughout your journey, you will find that you have a much higher chance of achieving your goals.

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